😭 The last words of the dancer Brahim Zaibat before everything changes… 😭

After his love affair with Madonna, Brahim Zaibat goes solo. An autobiography, a first show… But who are the women in his life?

Punctual at the appointment, at twenty-eight years old, Brahim Zaibat is where he always dreamed to be. His mother can be proud… Buzzfeed to interview this celebrity recently, discover his new projects: broadcasts & private life are planned!

Patricia, mother of Brahim Zaibat : “I dedicated the book to him (We can all dance with the stars one day, ed. Pygmalion). She is the best woman in the world because she took care of us (they are three children, editor’s note) despite all the hardships she has had in her life. She was the one who set the example for me to never give up. She is my greatest, most loyal, most selfless love.”

Annick, aunt of Brahim Zaibat : “She was the only person on the mother’s side who helped us. The rest of the family turned their backs on us because my mother had married an Arab. She was fifteen, sixteen when she met my father. They separated very quickly and from an early age I had to help my family. Growing up without a father is also a strength, it forces you to stay upright to help your mother.”

What about love in the suburbs ? “The first girls, around eleven to twelve years old, are the ones we call the little “cows” and who are interested in you because you are a little more bossy than the others or because you stand out from the crowd. But here we are talking about sex, not love.”

Tell us about your first love ? “Rather, we’re going to tell the first real story: it was at boarding school. After that, I had several relationships, little bits of life, six, seven months shared with girls. To be honest, true love, I feel like I never found it. I have tried, but I do not feel anything stronger than what I feel for my mother.”

Tell us about your relation with Madonna : What people see first is her fame and her money, but before her I met other people, less known to be sure, but who had such a high standard of living, from suddenly, finding my place in everyday life was not difficult. I found myself taking care of his children, like I did when I was a kid, and that is very natural for me. I know I was called a toy boy. Frankly, I don’t let that get me down. The only thing that matters is feeling good where I am. From the start, I was suspected of wanting to use it, but as I always told him: with or without it, I would have got to where I am today! It just would have taken longer, that’s all! What did I like about her? The hypercool person that she is. As for me, I didn’t play at being what I’m not and she liked it, I think. I came to her as I am. And in the circles of such famous people, real people, there aren’t many of them actually.

Tell us about your separation with Madonna : It belongs to us. We agreed, anyway. In life, we have things to do… And from the start, it was clear, because I am still at the beginning of my career and my life… A lot of people have wondered about our age difference ( twenty-eight years old, editor’s note), but when we see, for example, the guy from Playboy who is eighty years old with twenty-five year old girls, nobody talks about him. When it’s a woman, she gets the cover of every magazine! Afterwards, in her way of life, she is much younger than many of us. I need someone like this: good at life, independent and energetic.

And Katrina, your Dance partner with the stars, what’s your relationship? There were some connection rumors about us that were totally untrue. I don’t know if Madonna heard about all of this, maybe she also imagined that something was going to happen with a woman I was going to dance with for three months. But when you’re a professional, you don’t sleep with your partner. This is the basis

What did the women teach you? The first is my mother. The second … is the street! I learned a lot on the streets. To protect me in particular. I’ve walked alone for so long that I don’t know what a confidant is, for example. I do not know how to deliver my emotions. I keep everything. It’s also something I inherited from my mother. She was rarely seen to cry, when her life was far from rosy. She was hiding her emotions. The woman of my life will perhaps be precisely the one with whom I can indulge myself without restraint.

Written by Gacox

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