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Faubourg grocery store: the origin of jams

The Faubourg Epicerie offers a large number of jams for sale, whatever the season!

Épicerie du Faubourg : L'origine des confitures

L’Épicerie du Faubourg offers a large number of jams throughout the year. Jam, there is no season to savor its sweet culinary flavors. Normally, it’s summer time to make jams, pick or pick fruit and cook them with sugar to keep these incredible flavors. For example, from the month of June, it is the time to make the strawberry jam, while from the month of July there will be more raspberry, cherry, currant and melon jam. The month of August: blackcurrant and apricot. And in September: peach, plum, and mirabelle plum.

Let’s start at the very beginning: the era of jam discovery

According to archaeological experts, it is since Pliny the elder (around the year 73 AD) that the first writings relating to recipes for jams appeared. At the time, the fruits were mainly cooked in honey. However, different maceration processes such as in syrup or wine are also mentioned in the collection of the naturalist Pliny the elder of the 1st century.

It must nevertheless be admitted that the appearance of jams in Europe is still quite late. It was not until the Middle Ages and the first crusades to see their introduction in the West. They first landed in Italy as well as in Provence, around the year 1000, through the Arab world, where sugar (cane, crystal) was introduced. The jams then gradually begin to find their place. L’Épicerie du Faubourg offers a large number of jams for sale, whatever the season!

The name “jams” then designated all the confectionery made from foods cooked in sugar, syrup or honey: but if the term “jams” refers to confectionery (candies, candied fruit, etc.) of fruits cooked in honey, syrup or sugar in the Middle Ages, it is to that of electuary that jam recipes as we know them today are attached. In fact the jam that we eat nowadays was commonly called electuary, from the Latin “eleucterium”. For the Arabs it was more of a medicine than a culinary pleasure. In short: the jam was a therapeutic treatment.

Some examples of jams on sale at the Faubourg Epicerie:

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